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Provides in-depth, current education, and healthcare information for children from birth to 18 years of age. Information is presented topically by age, education, recreation, health, parenting, pertinent organizations, products, and forums, plus links to other resources.
A great website for developmental toys as wells as guides to development for children birth to three+ years. You can sign up for free mailings corresponding to your child's age. The emails include summaries of developmental expectations, appropriate toys, and activities to facilitate the various domains of development.
A site with tips on developmental play and activities, as well as practical information on parenting, sleeping, eating, and basic medical care for your child.
Information on choosing child care, and local child care referral agencies.
Information on the Las Madres playgroups as well as other playgroups in California and other states.
Information on teaching infants and toddlers sign language. Includes pictures of signs, and hints on implementing the signs throughout daily activities.

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