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AIM is an Early Education Preschool. We believe all children are a precious resource. Given the support to explore and experience, the opportunity to play and interact, young children will flourish. In our years of experience, the children we have served have let us know, "Tell me and I forget, Show me and I remember, Involve me and I understand".

Our Staff includes:

  • Assistants and Aides with an ECE (Early Childhood Education) background
  • Occupational and Physical Therapists
  • Speech Therapists: Oral Motor/Feeding Specialty
  • A Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Credentialed Special Education Teachers

AIM staff work as an interdisciplinary team in a play-based environment. It is a proven fact that all children learn from play and exploration. Our curriculum includes language development, cognitive development, decision making, emotional growth, self help skills, social interaction, sensory-motor learning, and neuromuscular development. This is all provided in a child friendly, play-based atmosphere, where each child is considered an individual with his or her own strengths and areas of focus.

AIM is a nonprofit corporation. Donations and Fund Raising activities are extremely important to enhance the services we provide. Donations can be made directly to us by mail, by payroll deductions through United Way, or on line via paypal. We hope you find our web page informative and welcome your comments and questions. Please visit us in person (call for an appointment), write, email, or telephone us at: (408) 559-1400.

AIM for the Stars Preschool

Mailing address:
4115 Jacksol Drive
San Jose, CA. 95124
Phone:(408) 559-1400
Fax:(408) 559-1554

Teachers: aimkids@aimkids.org
Janie Huggins, CEO: janie@aimkids.org
Web Site Help: aimkids@aimkids.org

Department of Social Services License # 430710072
NonProfit Corp. I.D. # 501(c)(3) 77-0289460

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